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Obviously it’s essential to first have all the items on your newborn baby checklist before bringing your baby home. Life can be overwhelming at first with a new bundle of joy and certain toys such as a baby bouncer, activity play gym and a musical mobile that rotates will help keep your infant engaged and entertained. These items might seem like extras that aren’t really needed, but toys like this can give new parents a few extra moments to get tasks done or take a break. This will make the first few weeks a little easier for mom and baby as they adjust to their new routine.

We have created some comprehensive guides for selecting the best developmental toys and products to keep your sweetie safe and happy. We have taken the work out of reviewing multiple top selling toys and products in each guide.

High contrast designs along with vivid colors will captivate your infant because they’re much easier to see. Soft music is soothing and gently stimulating and objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are far more interesting to newborn babies than those that are fixed and silent. You will want to seek out toys that encourage your baby’s development as they become more engaged with their surrounding environment in their first few weeks and months.

An infant’s first toys are more likely to be a hit if they have the following features:

  • Sound. Until your newborn infant’s eyesight is fully developed,your baby will use sound to get a sense of where an object is. Toys that chime, as well as rattles or musical mobiles are all good for keeping a newborn entertained.
  • Stimulating colors and patterns. Toys that are colored black and white with red will encourage your baby to notice shapes and patterns in their early weeks. As an infant gets older they’ll love toys with bright colors like pink, yellow and orange.
  • Movement. During the first three months your newborn will be delighted by toys that move. Their eyesight is in the early stages of developing and it’s easier for them to see things that are in motion as opposed to objects that remain still.
  • Hanging toys. A baby activity gym with toys that hang down in front of an infant just beyond their reach will encourage your baby to reach out for the toy they want to touch. This will develop muscle strength and motor skills that they need as they learn to crawl and sit up on their own.
  • Fun to touch toys. Plushy cloth books with a variety of textures are great for discovering new sensations. Exploring the difference between hard, bumpy and soft will help develop your newborn baby’s senses.

Newborn Baby Baby’s First Rattle
A rattle is a common gift that is often given to newborns and is a great toy for stimulating your baby’s sense of sound and ability to see. The best way to play with a rattle is to lay your baby on their back and gently shake the rattle a few inches away from the center of their face, in front of their nose, to get their attention. Next, move the rattle to the left side of their face and shake it again, doing same on the right side of their face.

Initially, your little one may only sense a change in the direction of the rattle without being able to follow it with their eyes, but the noise the rattle makes will grab their attention (try not to make it too loud – that could scare your baby). Your baby will eventually be able to track the rattle with their eyes as their motor skills develop.